• Patented

    Ravenbrick smart windows are one of a kind. RavenWindow’s™ patented thermochromic technology brings the best of all worlds: energy savings, improved occupant comfort, glare mitigation and a market leading return on investment.

  • Tested

    RavenBrick makes the highest performing, most adaptable smart windows on the market. RavenWindow is featured in the LEED Platinum National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) building in Golden, Colo. - one of the most energy-efficient green buildings in the world.

  • Proven

    RavenWindow’s 30-year design life allows for long-term savings on HVAC. By allowing free solar heat into a building when it is desired and then blocking it when it is unwanted, RavenWindow achieves the goals for all types of building and homeowners and occupants alike.

What are Smart Windows?

What are Smart Windows?

RavenWindow smart windows reduce energy use by automatically transitioning from the clear state to the tinted state to let just the right amount of light and heat in, while views to the outside remain clear.

Smart Windows in the News

Smart Windows in the News

The smart windows market is estimated at $2.3 billion, and is expected to more than double by 2018. Read the latest news about RavenBrick’s technology for energy efficient commercial and residential buildings.

Architectural Specifications

Architectural Specifications

Learn how dynamic glazing drives building energy efficiency, and earn AIA continuing education credit. Download RavenWindow’s guide specifications for thermochromic glass and LEED Data sheet.

Find a Distributor

Find a Distributor

Ready to incorporate RavenWindow into your design plan? Find a local distributor across North America or in China.

RavenBrick – The New Energy Standard

The Problem With Traditional Windows

In any structure, windows are the weakest link and largest consumer of energy - they've always been part of the energy problem for architects, builders and homeowners. In warm months, sunlight from windows raises indoor temperatures, forcing air conditioning systems to run more frequently. In colder weather, windows allow heat to leak outside, making buildings less efficient and further tasking heating and ventilation systems. Window blinds and shades don't address heat issues, and while they block light, they also ruin views.

The RavenBrick Solution

RavenBrick gives builders, architects and occupants all of the things they value most in building technology: performance, savings, flexibility and ROI. RavenWindow smart windows take energy efficiency to a whole new level through the use of innovative “smart glass” that actually changes as temperature conditions change.

RavenWindow smart windows automatically reduce unwanted heat and glare when temperatures are high, and allow light and warmth in when temperatures drop. This not only improves building and home comfort and reduces glare, but also dramatically reduces the demand on air conditioning and heating systems, saving both money and natural resources.

Designed right into today’s standard residential and commercial windows, RavenWindow is the industry’s only cost-effective dynamic window solution that delivers a true return on investment in as few as four years. The windows work beautifully in new construction or retrofit projects, and require no additional installation skills or steps – they simply change automatically, powered by nothing other than the sun.

Green Building Gets Smarter

Looking for energy savings or LEED-qualified building materials? Look no further than RavenBrick. The RavenWindow solution reduces energy use by up to 30 percent and qualifies toward LEED certification through Energy and Atmosphere as well as Indoor Environmental Atmosphere LEED credits. Quite simply, RavenWindow is the highest performing, most adaptable smart window on the market. With a 30-year life and a 10-year warranty, RavenWindow offers homeowners, architects and building owners the industry’s only complementary, value-added solution that also increases profitability. Whether you are looking for smart windows for residential or commercial application, look no further than RavenBrick.