About RavenBrick

Creator of RavenWindow™

RavenBrick: Creator of RavenWindow™

Founded in 2006, RavenBrick is a Denver-based technology company that created, patented, produced and brought to market RavenWindow™, a dynamic thermochromic filter that brings together industry-leading energy efficiency, market-leading ROI uncompromised views and improved occupant comfort, all in a reliable durable product that last as long as any window on the market.

RavenWindow is available for commercial and residential use in both new construction and retrofit projects. It is the only cost-effective smart window solution that reduces energy use by more than 30 percent. Commercial buildings are responsible for 40 percent of the energy used in North America, and RavenWindow technology is the essential next generation in energy efficient construction solutions.

With the support of private investors, and the Colorado Energy office, RavenBrick secured its final round of funding in September, 2012, and began efforts to secure space for a 40,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Denver, Colorado.

Commercial and residential demand for the next generation of energy-efficient window technology is expected to be $1.7 billion by 2017, and RavenBrick is ready to meet that demand. The company moved into their new facility in December of 2012, and will begin producing energy-efficient RavenWindow filters on their automated line in early 2014.

Today, RavenBrick employs more than two dozen people, which will continue to grow as the automated line gets up and running. The company was recognized by the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade as a Colorado Company to watch in 2013, and is working on future thermochromic applications such as RavenSkin, that harnesses the sun's energy to heat buildings and make them more energy-efficient.

RavenBrick has earned several prestigious certifications including:

  • Member, U.S. and Canadian Green Building Council
  • Member, National Fenestration Rating Council
  • Patents pending in U.S. and Internationally
  • National Renewable Energy Lab testing for energy efficiency completed and passed
  • ASTM testing completed for efficacy as a new window type
  • Products will contribute heavily toward LEED points for energy savings and innovation